Wendy Zhou1 John Taehun Kim2 Sadaf Rahman3 Bhavini Tailor4 Jennifer Mortensen5 Nicodemus doing Western Blot6 Chris Foster7 Victor Tat8 James Wei9 Kjetil Ask10 Kjetil Ask and Qian Feng11 Ehab using a vibratome12 Ehab and Qian13 Qian Feng14 Ehab and Qian analyzing data15 Phil Kolb16 Ehab checking protein levels17 Phil is doing a western blot under Qian's supervision18 Maddie and Toby analyzing lung histology19 Tobe Lee20 Qian, Ehab, James, Jane Ann and Anika21 James Wei22 Jane Ann in action23 Sinan Qasha24 Anika is hiding?25 Ehab is checking on his primary cultured lung fibroblasts26 Tania Saha is performing the hydroxyproline assay (Woessner)27
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